For internationals

International (master) students are also welcome to join our study association! Babel can be a nice addition during your time here.

Babel is a study association, this means we organize study-related activities as well as social activities to get to know your fellow students. Some examples of activities are montly drinks, lectures on linguistics and dinner parties. 

Babel is meant for students of the bachelor linguistics, the master linguistics, the master multilingualism&language acquisition, the master speech therapy or students with a linguistic minor or major.

A part of all these activities is organized by members of SV Babel. Babel has committees, consistent of some Babel memebers.
– There’s an activitiescommittee to organize social activities,
– A lecture committee to organize studyrelated-activities,
– The “babbelaars”committee which fills our own magazine,
– An introductioncommittee to organize the first week and an introductioncamp for the
first year students
– Last but not least: the  photo committee which takes pictures at activities and designs
promotion material.
Besides that, members with related interests form disputes.
– The “Bovenste Babeltonen” is a singing dispute
– The filmdispute watches movies together
– The game dispute plays all kinds of games
– Finally, the pancakes dispute makes and eats pancakes

How much does is cost?
First year student usually become member for 3 years for 25 euros. If you’re a master student or you want to become member for 1 year, you can join Babel for 7,50 euros.

What to do?
If you want to become a member: hit the button “lid worden?” and fill in the form.

If you would like to receive some more information, send us an e-mail.