Committees & Societies


Without our committees, we would never be able to run the association. The board is being supported by five amazing committees, that organise activities, write our magazine, organise trips and workshops, and so much more!

By joining a committee you get the chance to be active in the association and have a positive influence on your fellow students, all while having fun. For most committees, you will spend about an hour per week meeting up with your fellow committee members to discuss what’s going on and what your committee is working on. Not only is this very fun, but it’s also educational and looks great on your CV!

Our current committees are:

  • Accie (Activity committee)
  • Babcie (Magazine/newspaper committee)
  • Beeldcie (Media/PR committee)
  • Reiscie (Travel committee)
  • Starcie (Career committee)


Of course there’s also several active societies within Babel, together with your Babel BFFs you can form a group and practice any hobby you’d like. Do you have an idea for a new society? Do you want a revive an inactive society back to its former glory? Let us know and we’ll help you get set up!

Current societies:

  • Book society
  • Cooking society
  • Crochet & knitting society
  • Film society
  • Language learning society
  • LGBTQ+ society
  • Music society
  • Plants & gardening society

Former (inactive) societies:

  • Boardgame society
  • Dungeons & Dragons society
  • Football society
  • LAN society
  • Meme society
  • Pool society