For first years

Dear first years,

Welcome to the website of Studievereniging Babel! If you’ve landed on our website, you’re probably interested in studying linguistics at Utrecht University. Such a good choice! Being part of the study association can make your time as a student extra fun. So… What is so fun about Babel?

Babel organises activities to bring linguistics students together. We organise activities that are non-study related, such as jungle gyming, barbecuing in the park, or our monthly drinks. Apart from this, we also organise study related activities. Take a look at our calendar or Instagram for more!

SV Babel is a study association, which means we’re a bit different compared to a student association (studentenvereniging). As a study association we are connected to the university and we organise all sorts of study related activities, such as readings or workshops. Most importantly, as a study association, we don’t have any hazing (ontgroening) practices.

Who can become a part of Babel?

We’re here for students of the bachelor Linguistics, the master Linguistics, the master Multilingualism & Language Acquisition, and the minors linguistics or language development.

How do we organise activities?

At Babel we have committees that (among other things) organise a wide range of fun activities. There’s also our societies, which are little hobby/topic-related clubs within our association. During the introduction week you will get the chance to sign up for the committee and societies (you can also choose to join a committee or society later on, don’t hesitate to ask!). It does not matter what your hobby is, at Babel you can share your passions with the other members!

Why would I become a member of Babel?

If you become a member of SV Babel you will of course get an extra fun time as a student in Utrecht. We’re a relatively small association where everyone gets to know everyone and we look forward to the new first years.

But then, how do I become a member?

If you’ve just got enthusiastic about joining the association, take a look at the ‘Become a member’ button on our homepage! You will also get a chance to sign up during the introduction week, where we will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve paid the contribution, we will process your application and send a confirmation email your way as soon as we’re done. Usually, members join in their first year for the full three years of their bachelor programme, which costs €25 in total. If necessary, such as when you start the master programme, you can extend your membership for only €7,50.

Keep in mind: your application is processed manually. This means that it may take a while for your application to be accepted, but don’t worry; we accept everyone!

What does making an account on the website entail?

Once you’ve been accepted as a member, you can make an account on the website. With an account on the website, you will have access to the discount code for 5% on your books and you will get access to all photo’s made at activites.

Unanswered questions?

Do you have a question that is not in here? You can always send an e-mail to We’re happy to provide you with more information about the association as well as the study!

You can also find us on Instagram. Look us up sometime!

We’re looking forward to your signup,
Much love,
Babel’s board