Current board/Huidig bestuur

The board of SV Babel 2020-2021, o.d.z. ‘Spreekt boekdelen’, is composed as following:

Maria Zandbergen, chair/voorzitter

Favorite language joke? The past and present walked into a bar. It was tense.

Which fruit do you relate to? Orange you glad you are reading this horrible joke.

Guilty pleasure? Very bad bollywood films are great stuff.

Favorite first year subject? From language to linguistics, syntax trees are the best!

Danique van der Weijden, secretary/secretaris

Favorite language joke? Soy milk is just Spanish milk saying its name.

Which fruit do you relate to? I do not like fruits so I will not factor in taste. I will say bananas because they are berries when they absolutely shouldn’t be and I think that is really funny.

Guilty pleasure? Locking the door, closing the blinds and pretending I do not exist.

Favorite first year subject? Language Meaning and Language Use or Psychology of Language I can not decide.

Isa Sadowski, treasurer/penningmeester

Favorite language joke? Rules to learning English: their our know rules. 

Which fruit do you relate to? Definitely not an apple.

Guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure right now is for sure Animal Crossing. I will spend hours running around my island and regretting the fact that I chose the Southern Hemisphere. 

Favorite first year subject? The subjects that sparked the most joy during my first year were Methods and Statistics and from Language to Linguistics. 


Board XVI