If you want a picture of you to be removed from the website, please send us an email at bestuur@svbabel.nl.

Als je een foto van jezelf van de website verwijderd wilt zien, stuur ons dan een email via bestuur@svbabel.nl.

  • Bab(b)elaar #1 2019-2020

    A new Bab(b)elaar is out. I can taste it in the water. I can feel it in the earth. I can smell it in the air.A new edition of your […]

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  • Kerstgala 18-12-2019

    Last Christmas, you gave us your hearts <3 We enjoyed this little evening so much. Thank you all for being there and being beautiful!

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  • Efteling 29-11-2019

    Het was weer fabelachtig met onze lieve leden!

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  • Bob Ross activity 21-11-2019

    We let our inner selves take over and pretended to be Bob Ross. We made some nice and easy landscapes and heard everything about that time Bob wanted to save […]

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  • Breekweek 4/6-11-2019

    SV BABEL? COMFORTABEL! The Breekweek was again an enourmous success and we will be looking back at it as a very gezellig time with our lovely first years <3

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